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Successful experiences & client testimonials

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Susan Gettum

Chief of Staff, TARTA

I have had the pleasure of working with Sheila Eason in planning and implementing powerful and meaningful team building training sessions. Although I know she has worked with many groups before, I feel that she curates innovative and creative agendas and outcomes for us; her work never feels cookie cutter. Her style is open and gracious yet she can truly get the group to the desired goal at the end of the day. Our team has left her trainings with tools and skills to carry into their daily exchanges and we have seen positive changes in behaviors and outcomes. I highly recommend partnering with Sheila.

5 / 5

Catherine Mattice

President, Civility Partners

Sheila's appearance on my LinkedIn live show, "Catherine's Corner," left a lasting impact as she shared profound insights on the complex topic of unconscious bias. Her expertise in this area provided our audience with a deep understanding of its origins, the detrimental effects it has on the workplace, and most importantly, practical approaches to reduce its influence. Her expertise in fostering inclusivity and promoting diversity makes her an invaluable speaker for any event seeking to address and minimize unconscious bias!

5 / 5

Stephanie E.

Bowling Green State University

Her combination of real-world experience, certification with the John Maxwell Team and approach to collaboration is incomparable. Sheila works with you to develop a plan that is unique to you and holds you accountable as you work towards achieving those goals. When she says she has a passion for helping people achieve their full potential, she means it.

5 / 5

Debra S.

Heartland Healthcare Services (Illinois)

I feel that you are the best thing that happened to us. I can’t imagine not having you as a mentor to lean on and discuss events etc… with. In my opinion you are what the position of an HR Director is all about, from top to bottom. You always know the right thing to do, to say and have a very elegant way of putting things. You are also very insightful as to games people play and reality. These talents make you a rock solid HR Director.

5 / 5

Stacey C.


Wow, what a day! My day started off with Akron Area SRHM and Sheila Eason delivering her presentation like a rock star! Insert mic drop. She presented on succession planning and tips to retain and grow talent. It was AMAZING!

5 / 5

Anthony S.

GSW Manufacturing

Had the amazing opportunity to have Sheila Eason, SHRM-SCP, SPHR as my coach while taking part in Hancock Counties Raise the Bar Leadership Training series last summer. Both of our sessions were incredibly helpful and has helped my personal growth substantially even in the limited time I had.

5 / 5

Betina T.

Mental Health Recovery Services Board

Thank you for sharing, and I recommend to all who aren’t sure about whether you could use a job coach, to check out Mrs. Eason’s services. Her techniques teach, build on, and elevate you as a professional! You won’t be disappointed!

5 / 5

Amy E.


You did a fantastic job delivering the content and handling all of our chattiness. The group got a lot out of it, and I think many folks were challenged to look at things differently—which is what we want!

5 / 5

Kelly T.

Heartland Healthcare Services (Ohio)

I can honestly say that you are the best HR director that I have worked with and I can only hope that your replacement is just as good, sweet and honest as you are.

5 / 5

Dr. Kirby O.

University of Findlay

Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into this workshop. Everyone who attended felt empowered to have those hard conversations. You’re amazing!

5 / 5

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